The primary use of platinized titanium anodes is in the field of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP). The anodes are used in structures buried in soil and the steel exposed to marine environments such as oil and gas producing platforms, ships, oil well casings and jetties.

Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinized titanium or Platinized Niobium anodes with complete assemblies and cable tails, and mounting arrangements. These assemblies incorporate elements in rod, tube and sheet form.

The principle of impressed Current Cathodic Protection is in connecting an external anode to the material to be protected from corrosion and passing of an external (impressed) electrical DC current. These impressed current anodes are also known as dimensionally stable anode or insoluble anodes.

How does corrosion take place in ships and Steel Structures?

Ships are made of steel; whose main component is iron. Iron is an electrochemically positive element, i.e., it has a tendency to give up electrons to become a free ion. Sea water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen, and it produces electrochemically negative hydroxyl ions which can accept the electrons given by Iron. This way the Iron ions combine with the hydroxyl ions of water to form Iron Hydroxide. This is called the oxidization of Iron, and this oxide is what we call as the brown color rust. Cathodic Protection is a mechanism which is employed to protect the ships / Steel surface from corrosion.

Major Applications of Platinum Plated Anodes in ICCP:
  •   Platinized Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum Rod / Probe / Cantilever Anodes are widely used for internal protection of condensers, process equipments, Vessels, Tanks, Heat exchangers, Pipes etc.
  •   Platinized Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum Wire Anodes are used for internal protection of water tanks and pipelines.
  •   Platinized Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum Mesh Anodes are used for protection of reinforced concrete structures.
  •  Platinized Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum Strip / Disc Anodes are used for protection of Ship / floating vessels structures.
  •  Platinized Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum Linear Loop Anodes are used for protection of Pilings, Piers, Jetties and floating vessels etc.
Types of Anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP):
  •  Platinum Plated Rod / Suspended Rod Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Cantilever / Probe Anode
  •  Platinum Plated FRP Insulated Strip / Disc Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Rubberized Disc / Elliptical Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Linear Loop Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Expandable Spring Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Wire Anode
Advantage of our Platinised Anode in Cathodic Protection:
  •  Increased life of rudders, shafts, struts and propellers as well as other underwater
  •  Anodes are light, sturdy and compact for easy shipping, storage and installation
  •  Automatic control equipment ensures reliable, simple operation, Lowers maintenance costs.
  •  Only one installation required for the life of the vessel or structure
  •  Increased dry-dock interval
  •  Reduces likelihood of leakage from buried and submarine pipeline caused by corrosion
  •  Reduce repair bills for vessels / Structures
  •  Protect pipeline against corrosion
  •  High anti-corrosion property & lasting working life
  •  Kills Sculpture Reducing Bacteria (SRB),
  •  Re plating & Repetitive titanium material