Tiaano specialize in manufacturing and developing high-performance, custom designed and cost effective Platinised Titanium Anodes and Platinized Niobium Anode for Electro Winning Industry. In the electro winning industry, Platinum Plated Anodes, Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) and lead dioxide anode are the three common choices. However, the lead dioxide anode are found of these disadvantages: heavy environmental pollution, high energy consumption, fragile, lead waste, hardly to produce into various shapes, coating is easily to drop off. With environmental concerns increasing and pollution stringent control, Titanium anodes become widely used in the metal electrowinning industry. Electrowinning, also called electroextraction, is the electrodeposition of metals from their ores that have been put in solution via a process commonly referred to as leaching.

What is Electro Winning?

In electrowinning, an electrical current is passed from an inert anode (oxidation) through a leach solution containing the dissolved metal ions so that the metal is recovered as it is deposited in an electroplating process onto the cathode (reduction).

While electrowinning is mostly used to recover non-ferrous metals such as copper, nickel, tin, cadmium or precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.

Types of Anodes for Electro Winning:-
  •   Platinum Plated Expanded Mesh Anode
  •   Platinum Plated Sheet Anode
  •   Platinum Plated Seamless Tube Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Rod Anode
  •  Platinum Plated Custom Made Anodes
Advantage of Tiaano Platinised Anode in Electro Winning:-
  •  Enhanced process control
  •  Compliance with environmental permits
  •  Stable recognized technology
  •  High acid and alkali resistance
  •  Resistance to oxidation
  •  High current efficiency
  •  Mechanical strength
  •  Application-specific design
  •  Resistance to oxidation
  •  Energy saving
  •  Excellent conductivity
  •  Base material can be reused