Platinized Anodes for MGPS (Chlorination):-

Anti-fouling (MGPS) process is based on the electrolysis of part of the sodium chlorides (NaCl) contained in seawater. The electrolysis is obtained by passing the seawater through a generating chamber containing electrode (Pt Ti Anode).

Tiaano designed this system to prevent the marine growth to the internal pipe line of ships through the chemical reaction of chlorine compounds which are produced through the electrolysis of seawater.

Tiaano Platinised Titanium Rod Anode for used to make Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS). The Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) was conceptualized and created with the sole purpose of defeating Marine Growth right at its very root, preventing even the most minute trace of marine organism from depositing itself along the ship’s interior altogether.

What is Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)?:-

Seawater contains both macro and micro marine organisms which enter the ship along with the seawater and deposit and flourish on the parts of the ship’s system. If preventive measures are not taken, the marine growth can cause damage to the particular part in the long run.

To avoid formation of marine growth, marine growth preventive system (MGPS) is used onboard ship or platforms.

Effects of Marine Growth:-
  •  The fouling problem arises when barnacles, mussels and other lower forms of marine life as larvae enter pipework systems and settle on the internal surface of pipes where they rapidly grow and multiply.
  •  In the most extreme cases, complete seawater lines can become blocked, affecting the safety and operational capability of the ship, in other instances, the gradual restriction in the flow of seawater through cooling systems can impair engine efficiency, leading to increased fuel usage.
  • Effect of Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) in MGPS:-
  •  Chlorine is a well-known toxicant. It has been shown that 0.2 to 0.5 ppm of continues electro chlorination will prevent all marine fouling in time. Higher than 0.5 ppm might produce the corrosion of the metallic piping, and other metallic equipment.
  •  A trace residual discharge will insure the killing of all fouling organisms in a seawater system when constant chlorination is employed. It should be emphasized that constant chlorination is the best method for safe and efficient fouling and bacteria control.
  •  Alongside these principal reactions which bring about the production of sodium hypochlorite, secondary reactions occur due to the actions which are present in seawater such as calcium and magnesium, forming hydrates and carbonates.
  •  Sodium hypochlorite solution leaving the generating chamber is piped to the chlorine injection pinots situated on the sea chests to be mixed with the incoming sea water flow.
  •  Then the chlorine active contained in the solution oxidizes the organic substances found in sea water.
  • &enspThe adult organisms, for example mussels, are able to resist the effects of chlorine active by closing themselves inside their shells. However unable to feed they will not settle in an environment where chlorine active is present.
  •  Concentric Tube Electrode (CTE) - Platinized Titanium Anode & Titanium Cathode
  •  Concentric Rod Electrode (CRE) - Platinised Titanium Rod Anode & Steel Cathode Assembly
  •  Providing continues and reliable protection from marine growth without the use of chemicals.
  •  Environmentally safe, meets all environmental protection standards
  •  Reduces energy consumption
  •  Provides continues maintenance free protection for years
Key Benefits for Structures (Marine, Offshore & Industrial) protected by Anti-fouling Systems:-

Reduce maintenance costs , Lower costs on using high standards coatings, Increases life of the structures, Only solution to corrosion of inaccessible areas of steel such as the base of storage tanks, Reduces likelihood of leakage from buried and submarine pipeline caused by corrosion, Reduce repair bills for vessels, Longer intervals between dry dockings, Higher resale value, Prevent fouling built-up, Protect pipeline against corrosion, Kills Sculpture Reducing Bacteria (SRB), Full Automatic control and Lowers maintenance costs.